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Andre Sirenko
Assistant Professor ~ Department of Physics
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, New Jersey

"I would like to thank GEC Instruments for providing the excellent 6 channel precision thermistor instrument that we are using in our research on the temperature stability of the optical transmission in long telecom fibers. Our project has benefited greatly from the ability to measure the temperature changes in real time with unprecedented accuracy in the temperature range near 26°C.

We are collaborating with the Research Department of AT&T in this experimental project and it is crucial that we utilize state of the art equipment. After an extensive search for comparable instruments in early 2006, we realized that your equipment is the best on the market for our purposes and our expectations have been completely satisfied since receiving the GEC thermistor instrument in May 2006. It has become a significant part of our experimental setup and we are using it in a 24/7 operational mode. Our main LabView program is in continuous communication with the GEC software and the temperature data are clearly displayed and recorded in a file.

After 4 months of continuous measurements we have had no failure of the equipment and no lost data. The software is easy to use, it has advanced graphics, and the temperature data are displayed clearly. The instrument has a nice look, and the ability to recalibrate sensors in the future is a big plus. I am looking forward to collaborating with you on the future developments of our temperature measurement and control setups."

New Jersey Institute of Technology Department of Physics

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