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Ultra Accurate Thermistor Instruments by GEC

Accuracies available: 0.01 °C to 0.001 °C (1 milliKelvin accuracy) - see details below

Our thermistor instruments provide extremely high accuracies in temperature measurements over the range of -10 to 60 °C. Our special stable thermistor probes are not generally affected by shock and vibration, they are more rugged and stable than PRT's and RTD's, and they are generally smaller in size, resulting in faster response times. We can provide instruments with one probe, or instruments with multiple probes, with up to 48 channels in a single enclosure.

We supply instruments with single or multiple laboratory grade thermistor probes in bare glass beads or in 1/8" diameter stainless steel casings. These instruments feature very high initial accuracy, ± 0.002 °C or better between -10 and 35 °C, and ±0.004 °C accuracy up to 60 °C. Resolution is 0.0001 °C or better at 0 °C, 0.0002 °C or better at 25 °C and 0.0004 °C or better at 60 °C. A thermistor instrument with two probes can measure small temperature differences to an accuracy of 0.0004 °C at 25 °C. The software accompanying our instruments can display temperatures in units of °C, °F, °K or °R.

Special calibration at the Triple Point of Water and the Gallium melting point is available for a measurement accuracy of 0.001 °C (1 milliKelvin) over 0 to 30 °C. See some data here.

Each thermistor instrument connects to a Windows computer and is accompanied by our versatile PinPoint Monitor software package. This software is used for display, plotting and logging, retrieval and analysis of temperature data. And we include utilities for setting instrument parameters, for viewing and plotting logged data, and for exporting logged data to spreadsheets or other formats.

Our software supports a DDE server to enable getting data from our instrument into other applications such as LabView, running on the same computer or the same network.

Take a look at our software page to learn more about the many features included in our software. Or download a free demonstration version of our complete software package.

All of our thermistor instruments and probes come with an NIST traceable comparison calibration against a precision thermistor thermometer or SPRT. We can also provide fixed point calibrations at the Triple Point of Water (0.0100 °C) and melting point of Gallium (29.7646 °C).

Our software includes an easy to use Calibration Wizard for precise user calibration of thermistor probes, provided an accurate reference thermometer or fixed point cell is available.

If you purchase one of our thermistor instruments, you can plan on taking temperature readings as soon as you receive the unit and install the software. Just plug in your sensors and you are ready to begin. There is no sensor wiring or programming required.

All of our thermistor instruments and thermistor probes are custom built to order. Most of our thermistor instruments can be delivered within two to three weeks and sometimes sooner depending on requirements. Because the price depends on number of channels, accuracy, calibration range, and probe design, we can tailor each instrument to meet the customer's needs while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Whatever your particular needs might be, we can normally meet your specifications at a lower cost
than you can find elsewhere. As soon as you begin to use our versatile and powerful software,
you will be glad you purchased from us.


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