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Specializing in Ultra Accurate Instrumentation
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Precision Temperature Measurement

At GEC Instruments, we specialize in precision instrumentation for measuring temperature and relative humidity. Our high accuracy, high resolution instruments connect easily to your computer either through a serial port or USB, so they interface effectively with newer computers as well as legacy systems. Our equipment comes bundled with a versatile software package for display, plotting, logging, and retrieval of data. Our PinPoint Monitor software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. All of our instruments operate from 12 volts dc with very low current, so they are suitable for portability and battery operation if required.


Thermocouple Accuracy to 0.05 °C - Thermistor Accuracy to 0.002 °C

GEC Instruments is located in Gainesville, Florida USA. Our customers are predominately engaged in research at major universities, at state and federal laboratories, and at national and multinational corporations. Our instrumentation is being used to obtain highly accurate data in plant and animal experiments, in human physiology research, in laser and optical experiments, in engineering research and testing, and in medical and pharmaceutical applications. We have many highly satisfied customers and can provide user references and contacts upon request.

Our product development personnel have over 40 years of combined experience in temperature and humidity measurement and control at federal research laboratories, at Universities, and in private industry. Because of this vast experience, we were able to design our software with the user in mind and we regularly receive many user compliments on its features and ease of use. All of our products come with a full two year warranty. Should any of our instruments fail within the first two years, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. We feature very robust designs and reliable electronics. We have been making and selling these instruments since 1991 and have yet to have a return either during or after the warranty period.

Accurate Humidity Measurement

Honeywell Aerospace - Torrance, CA
"We ordered a Model S56TC1TH instrument from GEC Instruments in Gainesville, Florida because it was the only source that we could find for an instrument that met our specifications for high accuracy temperature measurements with thermocouples. We like this instrument very much and we are getting excellent results in our measurements."

Ranjit Darke, Mechanical Engineer
T/J Technologies - Ann Arbor, MI
"T/J Technologies designs, develops and manufactures advanced materials and devices for electrochemical energy storage and conversion. We are using this instrument nearly every day and have conducted hundreds of hours of experiments without any equipment problems."
Mike Hammond, Engineer
Roche Pharmaceutical - Palo Alto, CA
"We use this unit to continuously measure and record temperature and humidity at various locations in a controlled storage unit with over 100,000 chemical compounds. Accuracy and reliability of the measurements are crucial in this application. We like the instrument very much and the software is very easy to use."
Kyle Hama, Principal Research Scientist
Heat Pipe Technology - Gainesville, FL
"We have used thermocouple instrumentation from other major suppliers and we were always disappointed in the accuracy of those units. The GEC thermocouple instrument is by far the most accurate one that we have, and it is the only one that meets our needs for precision testing."
Khan Dinh, President
University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute
"This system has enabled us to conduct more in depth experiments than we were doing before. And we are getting much more out of our research than we were with the equipment and methodologies that we were using prior to acquiring the GEC system."
Dr. Richard Lee Cannon
University of Central Florida College of Optics & Photonics
"We have been using the instrument for more than one year, and it has kept working properly without any failure or loss of performance. This instrument is very well suited for the laser calorimetry measurements that our group does."
Dr. Georgio Turri


GEC Instruments is located in Gainesville, Florida, USA and can be reached by calling 352-373-7955 or Email