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Customer Focus
Dennis Cohen
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

"We purchased the model S1TH precision thermistor thermometer from GEC instruments in July 2007.  This high accuracy, high resolution instrument came with a single thermistor probe with a 20' long 4 wire cable.  We use this instrument as a laboratory standard to calibrate our existing thermistor sensors.  And we use those sensors for measuring the ice temperature beneath glaciers in our studies to learn more about how glaciers move. 

When we first received the GEC instrument, we tested it in distilled water ice and it read -0.0005°C with a stability better than 0.0001 °C for 40 minutes.  We like the instrument very much.  It is extremely accurate and immune to interference from electrical noise.  And the software is very complete and user friendly."

Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences

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