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Thermocouples vs.
RTD's and Thermistors

The three main types of temperature sensors in use today are thermocouples, RTD's (resistance temperature detectors), and thermistors. Thermocouples are generally regarded as having the worst accuracy among these devices.

Certainly most RTD based systems and some thermistor based systems are more accurate in their measurements than are most thermocouple based systems. But our type T thermocouple systems are more accurate than some RTD or thermistor based systems. And for multiple channel needs, our thermocouple based systems generally feature lower cost per channel along with the advantage of being able to use very small probes when necessary. Small probes have the advantage of very fast response to temperature changes and they can have other advantages as well.

At GEC Instruments, we specialize in accurate thermocouple based temperature measurement systems. For customers who need higher accuracy and higher resolution than our thermocouple based instruments can provide, we do have RTD or thermistor based systems available on special order. And we can add a high accuracy RTD or thermistor probe to your thermocouple instrument if this is desired.

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